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Wrestle Your Game

Wrestling, sport trained in different styles by two competitors, including overcoming an opponent to touch the ground with some portion of the body other than his feet, forcing him into a particular position, normally lying or holding him in that position for the least length of time. Wrestling is conducted in various styles with contestants upright or on the ground (or mat). Having the right gear is critical for performance in any sport, and wrestling gear is no exemption. Wrestling knee pads can help prevent burns and abrasions caused by contact with the mat while also helping to shield your knees against tweaks and minor strains. Wearing an ear guard helps shield against the constant impacts your ears can take during practice and competition, which can lead to painful disfigurations known as cauliflower ear. The right wrestling singlet can help ensure that your arms and legs have the freedom of motion needed for high performance while also keeping you feeling cool and comfortable before, during and after your matches. No sport is older or more widely scattered than wrestling, often in highly regional styles that have endured to the present day.

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Fight With The Grip

Wrestlers spend most of a match on the ground grappling and clinching their opponents. The secret to a powerful grappling stance lies in the traction of the wrestler’s feet against the wrestling mat. A wrestler should be able to push against his opponent, using his feet to gain ground during a grappling sequence. A wrestling shoe is a footwear that is designed to provide a wrestler with the necessary traction needed for this close combat sport. Wrestlers use their legs and feet for traction throughout a match. Wrestling shoes have a specialized rubber sole which provides the wrestler with more traction against the canvas wrestling mat and opponent. Some brands have added small studs to the soles to provide even better traction during a match. The high tops of wrestling shoes are produced to give. . .