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SportsJi provides 1 year manufacturer warranty for most USA products purchased on SportsJi .com. For certain electronics goods and appliances, where there is no manufacturer’s warranty SportsJi will provide 3-month warranty against manufacturer defect as a service and reassurance to our customers. SportsJi will take care of all logistics to and from the manufacturer for repair and replacement. We will avail the warranty from the manufacturer in the US and we will deliver the serviced/replaced product free of charge at your doorstep!

How to go about it?

When you receive your product, you should register the product on SportsJi .com with your name, contact information, product serial number and bar code, this will help in availing the warranty. You will need to deliver your product in all of its original packaging to our Mumbai service center. Our specialists will examine the item to determine whether the defect is due to manufacturer defect or misuse. When it is confirmed that it is a manufacturer defect the product will be sent to the manufacturer or nearest service center for repair or replacement.