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History of Volleyball

If you thought that the advent of this game started with the volleyball that we know of today, you are mistaken. Before Spalding company decided to launch the separate volleyball, a volleyball was the bladder of a basketball. Today, a volleyball consists of 18 rectangular panels made from synthetic or genuine leather. These panels are arranged in six identical sections of three panels, which are wrapped around a bladder. Well, if you have played a game of volleyball you would know that this game requires you to jump quite a lot. There’s an interesting fact here - according to statistics, most volleyball players jump at least a good 300 times while playing the game. Until the year 1964, volleyball was not included as part of the Olympics medals. Surprisingly, the game was a demonstration sport in the 1924 Olympics which was held in Paris. 

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Volleyball requires a minimum of equipment and space and can be played indoors as well as outdoors. This game is played on a smooth-surfaced court 9 meters wide by 18 meters long, divided by a centerline into two equal areas, one of which has been assigned to each of the two competing teams. Players may not footstep completely beyond the centerline while the ball is in play. Buy various Volleyball accessories from volleyball, knee pads, shoes, and other accessories on SportsJi from brands Cliff Keen, Nike, Mikasa, Spalding, Dick’s, Mizuno and many more in a wide range of variety

Types of Volleyballs

Volleyball is designed specifically for use on the various types of floors the game takes place on. There is a definite difference between a ball designed for court floor and beach play. What is the same is that the ball is round and usually has eighteen rectangular-like panels of leather either synthetic or genuine arranged on six different panels? This leather covering is wrapped around the bladder of the ball. What is interesting is that because of its design, it can take on many different exciting colors as dependent on the team using it. It has a distinct look, so you’ll know it is a volleyball ball but it still has its very own ability to be dressed in flair as needed. Consider if different tea. . .