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Tennis for Every Age Group

Tennis is a sport performed all over the world and it is familiar with people of all ages. This sport requires players to run and stretch to hit the ball back to their opponent's side of the court. The game starts with players serving the ball into the opponent's side followed by the opponent hitting it back. Whenever your opponent drops a shot, hits the ball outside the field or on the net, you get a point. Tennis is played by both men and women and there are several International levels tournaments like Wimbledon, French Open, Australian Open, and the US Open. Wimbledon first started in 1877 and is the oldest of the Grand Slam Tournaments played throughout the year. Players like Rafael Nadal shake on Clay courts while athletes like Roger Federer excel on Grass courts. There are different types of shots like the serve, forehand, backhand, volley, lob, an overhead smash, and drop shot. Tennis is a social game where you have the option of playing a singles match or a doubles match. This exciting sport is easy to learn and can be taught to children at an early age. Tennis players wear comfortable clothes while playing to have freedom of movement to play the shots they like. Equipment used in tennis is tennis racquets, tennis balls, kits, bands, grips, strings and tennis shoes which provide the excellent grip of the court. 

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Varieties of Rackets

When buying or deciding a new tennis racquet there are a variety of aspects that can be helpful to acknowledge including weight, length, head dimension, frame stiffness, and materials. Join to that the fact that there are near to 20 major racquet brands to select from and the choices can become overwhelming fast. The three common varieties of tennis racquets and help identify the differences between each type of racquet and why you might need to consider one over another. Power tennis racquets help athletes hit the ball extra aggressively with less effort. As a result, this kind of tennis racquet is often categorized . . .