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Table Tennis

Tennis-Up On The Table

Table tennis, also called Ping-Pong, ball game similar in principle to lawn tennis and played on a flat table separated into two equal courts by a net made across its width in the middle. The aim is to hit the ball so that it goes over the net and jumps on the opponent’s half of the table in such a way that the opponent cannot reach it or replace it correctly. The lightweight low ball is moved back and forth across the net by small rackets operated by the players. The game is famous all over the world. In most countries, it is very highly regulated as a competitive sport, particularly in Europe and Asia, particularly in China and Japan. Table tennis is played by two or four players, in three or four games to 11 points, which must be won by a two-point difference, on a table equipped with a net. The aim is to return the ball to your opponent's side of the table. It must bounce once, meaning that volleys are not permitted. When serving, the ball has to bounce on each side of the net. If it touches the net, it is a "let" and the player serves again. Diagonal serves are only obligatory in doubles (games with four players). After the service, a let will not make any difference to the game and the ball must be played normally.

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Ping-Pong Tables

Ping pong tables are a great addition to your home, whether you're creating a rec room for the kids or setting up a finished basement with plenty of leisure-time fun for adults. Rainy days don't have to be tedious when you prefer from an assortment of table tennis tables just turn up the tunes, serve snacks and drinks and grab a paddle for an evening of a fast-paced game. While table tennis is a great game for players of all times and skill levels, regulation tables with glare-reducing finishes and high-visibility borders include more severe opponents. If you prefer a nonregulation table, outdoor-friendly designs with high-tension mesh or folding construction that maximizes the available space provide plenty of versatility. Be s. . .