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Surf In The Waves

Before you start surfing, you must know this: surfing is one of the most difficult and complex sports in the world. Think about it. Not the individual wave is the same, so your playground is continually changing. Factors such as wind, tides, and swells are changing the waves you surf differently every single day. The first point to consider is how strong a swimmer you are, and how distant you can swim. Paddling about in the sea is not the place to be if you are used to wearing a rubber ring to keep yourself floating at the local swimming pool. As with all sports, there is a component of risk, and the sea is much more unpredictable than a soccer pitch or tennis court. Even when you are a skilled surfer, you should never paddle out distant than you can comfortably swim out to and back in without your surfboard. 

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Trident Sup Paddles

Whether you are a seasoned surfer or someone who has always wanted to give surfing a try, stand up paddleboarding is a natural way of getting into the waves. Standing upright on a board gives you a vantage point for seeing the incoming waves, your paddle helps you get in an ideal position for catching the wave, and there is an interest in the fact that you are already standing when the wave advances. And if you’re over the mature old age of 30 you’ll understand that it is a little easier on the body than prone surfing and can be a more convenient way of having fun in the waves. There are two ways to go when choosing a board shape for SUP surfing. If surfing will be the main objective of the board and you plan on owning a second board for other paddling types, then you should analyze a surf-specific design. If only one SUP board is in the cards for you and you want something that will let you have a great time overtaking waves but also keep you happy paddling in several non-surf venues, you should go with an all-around board shape that is also responsive to surfing.

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