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A man’s shirt can elegantly represent his face through a presentation and later earn his perspiration during a solid round of questioning. It can play a supporting role by improving his sport shirts & tops or it can attain alone and be the centerpiece of his outfit. Most men wear shirts that do not fit them well. The difficulty is that ready-made garments are made to fit several as a result, they fit no one correctly. We all compromise somewhere if a shirt provides us in the neck it disappoints us in the sleeve length, if it goes well in the sleeves, it billows out near the stomach. So the fit we describe here is usually only achievable on a custom shirt or one that’s familiar to fitting and then tailored by a skillful hand.

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Swimsuits are, relative to a lot of menswear, forgiving garments to shop for. You don’t need a perfect tailored fit, so long as the suit stays up when you dive in. While natural fibers like wool used to be the number one material used in swimwear, most trunks today are made of Nylon, Polyamide or Polyester. Sometimes, cotton is added but the important aspects for the material are comfort, quick-drying capability, color retention, and durability. Modern shorts and trunks also come with an SPF rating and some even advertise their “tan through” characteristics. At the end of the day, man-made fibers are a good choice for swim trunks, because they add strength and durability.

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Feet Protector

Socks are an exceptional piece of clothing, we pay so tiny attention to them and yet they’re necessary to. . .