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Traditional Indian Game

Kabaddi is a traditional contact sport in Southern Asia that first originated in Ancient India. It is played over the country and is the official sport in the states of Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Telangana, and Maharashtra. Outside of India it is a common activity in Iran, is the national game of Bangladesh and is also one of the national sports of Nepal where it is practiced in all state schools. Kabaddi is also popular in other sections of the world where there are Indian and Pakistani neighborhoods such as in the United Kingdom where the game is administered by the England Kabaddi Federation UK. The overall object of the game is to simply score more points than the opposition team within the allotted time. To do this, every team must attempt to score points by both attacking and supporting. When attacking, the attacking team sends across a raider into the opposition’s half who must touch one or more members of the opposition to get a point. When defending, the objective is to capture the raider by wrestling them to the ground or simply by preventing them from returning to their half by the time their breath is up. Kabaddi is represented by two teams that both consist of twelve players each. But, only seven players per team are permitted on the field of play at any one time. The Kabaddi playing outside measures 13m x 10m and is divided into two halves by a white line, one team holding each half. It can be played on a broad range of surfaces from a dedicated clay court to spare ground where a playing outside has been chalked out.

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The game demands extreme physical work where one has to pull or push another. Hence, excessive loose-fitting dresses are not allowed. Only a short and a vest is considered to be excellent. In some tournaments like the “Pro Kabbadi League”, athletes are permitted to wear colored T-shirts to represent their team. The total number of players on each side is 12. Only 7 players are admitted into the playing court. Rest 5 will be kept as reserved. During the game, only the leader is allowed to give instructions to the other players on his team. Kabaddi is a game of excess physical work. 

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