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Fish Your Way Out!

Fishing may seem complicated to first-time anglers, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With just a bit of equipment, a fishing license, and the information in this guide, you’ll be able to get on the water and try your hand at grabbing some fish by this weekend. This guide specifically covers spin fishing, which uses a rod with a spinning reel and lures or lives bait to attract fish. For new anglers, it’s one of the simplest ways to get outside with minimal investment, but fly-fishing, saltwater fishing, ice fishing, and other types of equipment fishing that utilize several reels are all options that may please you down the road. A spinning reel and rod combo is your safest bet as a beginner. The combo is the keyword here it indicates that the reel and rod are traded unitedly, which usually means they’re simpler to set up. An employee at your local tackle shop will be able to point you in the right direction in terms of a good beginner rod that will meet your particular needs. Like any outdoor pursuit, your fishing needs will only continue to expand as you gain more experience; you’ll likely want to upgrade your gear after a few months, while waders and boots could also be added to your kit down the road.

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Rock those Boots!

Rocky conditions and muddy waters, you never know what you'll run into on your next fishing trip. As you're trekking through the water, suit up in protective neoprene wading boots, so your feet and ankles can stay protected while you're fishing. Wading boots with calf protectors accommodate an extra line of protection along with vulnerable areas, while multilayered designs shield from various underwater formations and wildlife as you're doing moves towards your next trophy. Be on the lookout for sturdy toe caps and heels, too, for a little extra safeguarding for your feet. Slippery situations are no match for traction-enhancing wading boots for men. Cleated outsoles boost your confidence as you're climbing on less-than-steady surfaces, w. . .