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Hockey is a sport in which couple teams play opposite each other by attempting to move a ball or a puck toward the opponent's goal utilizing a hockey club. There are several types of hockey such as bandy, field hockey, ice hockey, and rink hockey.

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There are many factors to consider when purchasing a hockey stick: the price, its weight, its quality, and its durability. You’ve also got to know your playing habits to select a stick that will help you play to your strengths on the ice. You need the stick that best serves the player, whether it be a wrist shot or slap shot pro. Hockey sticks, like skates, are assumed to be one of the most powerful and personal pieces of equipment for players. Although you may only have the puck on your stick for a few seconds at a time during a game, you want to make them count! With a stick, there are several variables like the company that makes it, the make and design, weight, materials, height, flex, hook, lie and flex points. All of these features of a hockey stick will rely a little on your playing technique, weight, height and position and a little bit on individual preference.

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Even though field hockey is viewed as a non-contact sport, a mouth guard is necessary to be worn during all matches. The main function of the mouthguard is to protect against concussion when coming into collision with another player or the ball. Shin Guards in field hockey are not equal to those used in soccer. Shin Guards in field hockey must cover the athlete's entire ankle up to the bottom of their knee caps. When you play field hockey, your shins take the most defeat from balls and sticks. Hence, you may consider buying a quality pair of shin guards. There is certainly more protective gear for hockey.

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