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History of Badminton

Badminton is a sport that may not be popular in most of the world, although many people know it, especially because it is played with a feather, consider a version of tennis and not a sport or not you know it’s called Badminton. The Badminton we know today evolved in the mid-nineteenth century by the British, but the act of playing with a racquet and a pen has been around for thousands of years, especially in Europe and Asia. A group of countries like England, Scotland, Wales, Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, Holland, and New Zealand joined and created the International Badminton Federation, thus making this sport very strong and more regulated, which helped its actual expansion. Currently, Badminton is a well-known Olympic modality, which is dominated by many Asian countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia or South Korea, male and female.

Badminton Accessories on SportsJi

The game of badminton is individually or in doubles, consists of 3 games, being a match to the best of three (who wins the first two games wins). The aim is to reach the 21 points first in the game, having to have a difference of 2 points between them to finish the game. If the game reaches 29 × 29, then whichever team scores the 30 points wins first. The game begins with the referee flipping the coin to give the choice between field or service to the winner. You can shop badminton Rackets and Shuttlecocks on SportsJI at great pricing and standard quality from brands like Franklin, Wilson Zone, Triumph, Quest, Head ti.

How to choose a Racket for yourself?

All Badminton rackets can be classified based on their balance, or where the weight of the racket is largely located. The three classifications are Head-Heavy, Even-Balance, and Head-Light. Head-Heavy rackets have the mass movement towards the head, resulting in a heavier head. Head-Light rackets have the mass shifted towards the handle, resulting in a lighter head. Even-Balance rackets, as the name put forward, have the mass distributed evenly throughout the racket. Modern Badminton Rackets are lightweight and usually weigh below 100 grams. The frame of the Racket can be made up of steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, ceramic, boron or a mix of s. . .