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American Football

Traditional Football

American football, introduced to as football in the United States and Canada and further recognized as gridiron, is a team sport performed by two teams of eleven athletes on a rectangular field with goalposts at every edge. The side with the most points at the end of the match wins.

From Boots To Cleats

Cleats have come a long way from being simply protective footwear for an athlete to being a performance enhancer. Today, the football cleat is no longer even covering the ankle of the athlete. Known as cleats or shoes in North America, this piece of footwear has undergone huge changes due to the high-level research, sponsorship, and commercialization that the game of football attracts. The pieces and arrangement of studs on football shoes crafted to suit specific surfaces, sports, and the player’s spot in the game. For instance, hard pitches require freshman players to use the basic sneaker shoe or plastic-stud shoe. A grass or wet pitch usually needed screw-in studs to provide the extra-grip. The studs can be formed of plastic, rubber, or metal. Indoor football boots are created with rubber soles to increase the grip on the floor. Sports commodities company Nike has also brought out football shoes for specific use on synthetic grass. Few brands even design environmentally friendly shoes.

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Protect Yourself

The helmet consists of a hard plastic top with thick padding on the inside, a facemask made of several metal bars, and a chinstrap used to secure it. Some players also add visors to their helmets to protect their eyes from glare and impact. Helmets are required at all levels of the game, except for non-tackle variations such as touch or flag football. Other Protective gear is available to protect other areas of the body. These include collar pads and neck rolls to protect the collarbone, rib vests and rib protectors to keep your rib cage and lungs out of harm's way, forearm pads to shield the arms and hands when blocking and tackling, padde. . .