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adidas XL Cricket Team Wheel Bag

Rs. 15,241.00
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Sport for Every Age Group

Cricket, now phrased as the unendorsed national game of India owes its introduction to the British. The game includes 2 teams with 11 players on each side. The two teams usually have a toss to decide which team gets to bat or bowl first. Cricket is mostly an outdoor game. While it's absolute to have a proper pitch with the required equipment, cricket can be played any place with a parallel stretch of land. Gully cricket, for example, is very popular in India, a common sight on a lot of Indian streets. The aim of the team that bats first is to score as many runs as possible and make sure that the other team is not able to match up. The bowling team, on the other hand, tries to stop the batsman from scoring with its fielders while the bowler aims to hit the wicket stump so that the batsman is out. We all know that Cricket is a great team sport that can serve hours of recreation and help with developing social skills but the lesser-known fact is the health benefits of Cricket. There are certainly some very relevant functions of the game like building stamina and strength from the constant running about across the field, similar to a kind of cardio. Other interests include the development of hand-eye coordination, stability, flexibility, muscle toning, etc. It's super easy. You only just need a ball and bat to begin the pleasant game. Bat - Bats used in cricket are made of smooth wood, and connected to a conical handle. It is one of the principal elements to play cricket. Without it, it's not easy to play Cricket. Ball - The ball used in cricket is a spike ball wrapped in leather. It is the element that manipulates the game. It is unlikely to play cricket without a ball.

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Picking a cricket bat can be daunting. Many appear alike at first glance, but extended use will reveal big . . .