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Basketball for Every Age!

The game of Basketball is played on a rectangular floor called the court which has a hoop, elevated at 304.8 cm (10) above the ground, at each end. To score a goal, the opposing team members have to score into the defending team’s basket. So, now since you know about how the game came into existence and how it’s played, you can get together with your friends and play a game or two over the weekends. Find a basketball ball which ideally suits you by heading to your favorite shopping app and you can buy the most suitable basketball online. Apart from the court and the baskets, a basketball is the only piece of equipment that is required to play the game of basketball. Players must constantly drop the ball during the game, throw the ball in the air to pass it to other players or shoot it towards the basket and score a goal. The game of basketball can be performed both indoors and outdoors as well. There are different sizes of basketballs for different age groups. The size ranges from 1 to 7 with variations in circumference. Selecting the right sized ball is important to ensure players can naturally play the game according to their physique. Size 1 ball is designed for boys and girls aged 2 to 4 years old. This is also known as a ‘micro-mini’ basketball. Size 7 ball is the most generally used basketball ball which is suitable for boys and men aged 15 years and up. 

Buy Basketball Gear on SportsJi

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Train yourself with all the Equipment

Make sure your team has all the training aids required for a great season with basketball training equipment from SportsJi. To develop ball-handling skills, look for training basketballs. Prefer basketball sleeves to help develop dribbling strength and performance, and select lightweight training basketballs to increase ball handling and control. Oversize basketballs are great for working on your shooting efficiency. Spend less time following after basketballs during practice and more time sharpening your shooting skills with a basketball return system. These systems are easy to connect on basket. . .